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Coping Skills for Children| Breathing Techniques

Many times people are told to breath slowly and count to ten when stressed.  Unfortunately, children have a difficult time remembering to stop, breath slowly, and to the count ten at the same time.  However, blowing bubbles is a great way to slow down their breathing.  It takes their mind off of the stressor and helps them to physically and emotionally calm down, and it’s fun.

I used this technique with a child in my office and watched her from being slightly anxious to calm, as well as her speech was clearer.  Throughout the bubble blowing her demeanor had changed drastically; she started trying to catch the bubbles at the beginning and as she progressed she asked if she could continue blowing sitting down as she was physically calmed.  It was great to see how such an easy technique could help so much.



Learning in the Mental Health Profession

In February, I taught a seminar in Miami on Easting Disorders to approximately 30 other professionals, in the social service field.  After the seminar, an attendee called me.  She is a student at Barry University in the mental health field asking questions about experience and career advice.  I have always been honest when it comes to teachers, schools, jobs, etc… I felt it was important to tell her from my experience, what I learned about in the industry.

  1. I learned I had to take a comprehensive exam after completing 60 credits of graduate school in order to graduate.
  2. I learned I had to have an unpaid internship for 1 year, while in school.
  3. I learned that being unlicensed, it is very difficult to get a job other than at a community mental health agency (which it’s still difficult to get a job there).
  4. I learned I made more money as a teacher with a Bachelor’s degree than with my Masters.
  5. I learned working a 12 hour day would become a “normal work day.”
  6. I learned I will not be licensed until after I work for 2 more years post graduation, have a supervisor, take some more courses, and take and pass that state boards.
  7. I learned that no matter how good a therapist is, there is always gossip when a lot of females work together.
  8. I learned that therapy in the real world is very different then how it appears in school.
  9. I learned sessions can last (to be expected to last) for several hours, not just 1.
  10. I learned that there is not the “typical” client.  They are all different and require different attention.


*** I learned that after a long day at work, I still love to come home and cuddle with my dog.

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