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New Office & New Look

I am so excited that I have a new office!  I have been decorating it and making sure it is comfortable, cozy, and calming for clients to feel that they are in a safe environment.  Today, I finally found the wall art I have been looking for and an area rug, and the place is coming together.  With the new office and new company name, I had to give my website a new look as well.  I have been non stop in front of the computer but I think it has been worth it.  It has been hard work to start up a new company  but so refreshing.

2601 mansion


Hypnotherapy Overview

Last week I became certified as a Rational Hypnotherapist, under the training of Dr. Aldo Pucci.  Hypnotherapy is done to help an individual express deep thoughts that may be uprooted.  While in the training, I learned (at a deeper level) how to help someone, to help themself.

There were subject areas addressed and I couldn’t help but to think how I could help apply the technique with my family and friends.  While it is frowned upon to counsel them under therapeutic context, hypnotherapy does not reject this idea because it is considered a different level of therapy.

Surprisingly, the teens I work with seems so eager to be “hypnotized” but they struggle the most with measurable, specific goals and true motivation.  The most successful client is someone who has a specific goal that they are wanting to achieve.  Some common issues that are seen with the most positive results are: anxiety, depression, anger, sleep problems, substance abuse, weight loss, and smoking.

I am looking forward to applying this practice with others and helping them to the best of my ability!