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Singles Support Group in Coral Springs: Week 1

Tonight was the first night, of a 6 week program, of the Singles’s Support Group in Coral Springs.  The group meets on Monday nights at 7pm and is for women to talk about their struggles, anxieties, and overcome their barriers relating to dating.  By having a group, it helps people relate to each other and normalize their daily struggles.

Each week will have a different topic and theme.  Tonight’s group was about looking at routines and evaluating how it impacts one’s love life.  A lot of times people get stuck in a routine and they don’t understand where it started.  By being able to identify were the difficulties are and how to change them is most important.

If you would like to attend next week’s group, please contact me at 954.217.2444×17 or email.


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Don’t Be Single Forever: Singles Support Group

I am excited to introduce a new group I will be starting for singles.  It is a therapeutic, support group- not a dating group.  It will help you to achieve your true potential in the dating world and work on the issues you may have or aren’t aware of, that are prohibiting you from being successful.  Contact me for more information.

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