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images1Many people feel defined by their hair, especially women.  If they are having a “good hair-day” they have a good day and if they have a “bad hair-day” they typically are not in the best of moods.  When walking out of a salon, most people feel glamorous.  I too noticed last time I left the salon I said to the stylist, “I look great!”  I had no makeup on and wasn’t dressed up but the stylist did a great job with my hair.  I even have a client who bi-weekly comes in with a new hair style, telling me the latest updates.

Recently, I was on a popular networking website and came across someone I went to camp with, when I was a child.  I was friends with her brother at the time and she was a few years younger.  There was an updated picture of her smiling, in a salon chair.  Usually people smile at the salon but this wasn’t a “typical” style for a female.  She had numerous pictures of the new do and a few videos.  I invested some time to look into it.

Lainie, was having her head shaved completely bald and smiling.  I remember thinking, that is so risky to do.  It’s not like she was an actress getting her hair shaved for money, but by her own choice.  I watched the videos that were taken during this “style” and heard her mention that this was the pre-chemo cut.  I realized Lainie had cancer.  She was a little younger than me and it seemed surreal.  I continued to look at her photos.  All of her photos dealing with her health, she was smiling and looked even more beautiful.  I thought it was so inspiring to see such a young person go through so much, smiling, and reaching out to others.  I asked Lainie if I could write about her and she agreed.  Lainie was diagnosed in December 2008, by January 2009 had a double mastectomy, and by February chemotherapy.  She is only 24-years-old.

The reason I asked Lainie if I could write about her was I found her to be inspiring for other women out there.  It is important to check your breasts on a regular basis and GO to the doctor regularly, especially if you have any concerns.


Check your boobies 6 days after your period (or on the first of day of the month, if you no longer have periods)Do it in the shower, while your body is wet and soapy. Use the pads of 3 fingers to check each breasts for lumps. Move your fingers in a row pattern. Up and down all the way across one breast and then another.

Areas to check:

1. Outside: armpit to collar bone, and below breast 2. Middle: the breast itself 3. Inside: the nipple area

Things to look for after you shower:

1. Liquid coming from nipples
2. Puckering of the skin
3. Redness or swelling
4. Change in size or shape

Check your boobies.