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Family Communication

Last week I had a teenage client whose relationship with his parents is struggling with lack of communication, lack of trust, and comfort.  A typical day would sound something like this:

Mom: How was your day?

Client: Fine.

Mom: Did you learn anything at school today?

Client: No.

Mom: Well, what did you do then?

Client: Nothing.

And then it would lead to the daily argument.  The conversation sounded the same whether mom or dad asked the questions.  Many people struggle with communication with their teenager.

I gave the family homework for the week.  For the client: He is to elaborate with more than one word answers.  Parents: Try not to yell in reaction for the flat answers.  Therefore, they would have conversations and help build the communication.  I am anxious to see how this has worked for them within the week.  If you struggle with communication within your family, I challenge you to listen, elaborate and have patience.

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