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Miami-Dade AHEC Seminar

On Saturday, August 29th, I taught a seminar on “The Changing Body” to other therapists, nurses and case managers at Miami-Dade AHEC.  The objectives were to identify and understand natural changes of the body in tweens and teens, understand the emotional stuggles of puberty, and help tweens and teens understand themselves and others.

I was a bit nervous being that it was my first time speaking on this subject, but I did all of the proper research necessary and felt prepared.  It was for 2 CEU’s, so I had to speak for 2 straight hours.  The experience was slightly more difficult because the air-conditioner was not working, so we had to rely on large fans scattered throughout the room.  Miami-Dade AHEC provided customer service personnel that were easy to talk to, quick to respond, and supportive.  I look forward to teaching more seminars on various topics encompassing adolescents.