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Welcome Facebook!

Image I swear I’m not a dinosaur and I know how to use a computer.  I have been aware of the importance of social marketing and the way it impacts our society nowadays so… hello Facebook, Therapeutic Services by Amanda Levison is now here!  I hope to put daily quotes, fun facts, and topics of interests related to psychology and your overall well-being.  If there is a topic that you would like me to write about, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Good Bye Oprah

Oprah Winfrey has had a running talk show for 25 years and now she is going to retire.  Personally, I have not been an Oprah viewer however I am able to respect all that she does.  She is a woman who stands up for what she believes in and has helped so many people through the years.  She has been a huge supporter of different charities and has had thousands of guests.  Her guests have ranged from the average American to the high end celebrity.  Her guests have shown what people go through on a daily basis from daily struggles to internal struggles.  By watching her, people have been able to relate to others and not feel so alone.  So here is a dedication to Oprah and all of her work.  Good bye Oprah.  You will be missed.

How have you been touched by Oprah?

A Girl’s Guide to Being Beautiful

I came across this article and thought it was important to share.  It is a good way to start your day.  To take control of your life and realize each day is a new day.  You have the choice how you want to make your day.  You have the choice how you want to live your life.  I challenge you to start your day “Beautiful.”

Photograph from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

A Girl’s Guide to Being Beautiful By: Kayla Knopp

There is one moment in each day when you are completely in control of your own destiny.  It is the moment you first open your eyes in the morning, the instant the first thought of the day skiters through your brain.  That very first thought sets the mood for the rest of the day.  In the wee hours of the morning, you can decide whether to embrace life as an ally or to declare war on the world.

If you give in to your inner demons and choose the latter, you can bid being beautiful farewell.  Nobody looks good in a war.  Beauty goes hand in hand with happiness, love, and peace.  Even if you are not completely happy with your physical appearance, if you can possess those last three traits, you will be beautiful.

Suggested song for the day: “You’re beautiful” by Christina Aguilera