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Let’s Talk About Sex Baby| Talking to Your Child About Sex

A popular Facebook page with a large following posted this:

“A mom fan has a question ” How can I talk to my tween daughter about changes to her body? Also, what is a good age? She is 10 now.”

The truth is, as children/tweens start to develop they will have a lot of questions.  It is important to be honest about the changes happening to their body and what will happen in the future.  It is not about being uncomfortable and thinking about yourself but looking at the facts of development.  Many times, your child will come up with more questions to ask.  Some questions may even seem silly but it is important not to laugh at them or they will not feel comfortable to ask again when they are curious about things in the future.  If your child does not feel comfortable to talk to you about these topics, they may ask someone else, or explore on their own.  It is very important that you normalize these changes as we all experience puberty at some point in our life.

You could always go to your local bookstore and get a book on changes of development and take the opportunity to read nightly with your child.  It is a great bonding experience and it will help give you a format and answer questions as you go along if you are unsure of where to start with the conversation.  Be brave and good luck!


Sorry It’s Been So Long

I just to a look at the date of my last entry and I was in shock.  I did not realize how much time has elapsed.  A little update on me…  I passed my licensure exam, completed my hours, now I just need to mail it all in to officially become an LMHC. 

I’m at a point in my life where I can truly say I’m happy.  Of course, everyone has their ups and downs but I definitely am having more ups and I think this has helped me become a better therapist in return. 

I will continue to discuss topics related to mental health to help children, adults, and parents.  If you would like me to discuss a specific topic- don’t hesitate to ask.